MCScript adds an Event-Based scripting framework for Forge 1.8 Server Owners.


  1. Download the MCscript Jar using the links at the bottom of this page.
  2. Add it to your mods folder
  3. Start your Minecraft Instance or Server

Quick Start

MCScript will create a directory called “mscript” in your world save folder on first run.  This folder contains a “scripts” and a “libraries” directory.

The scripts directory contains an individual directory for all of the registered events in MCScript, and you can place your scripts into these folders.  The scripts placed in these folders will then be executed whenever the associated event is triggered by Minecraft.


MCScript supports a very basic, and poorly named, method for creating shareable code files.  More information on this will come later, possibly including a name change.

*Short Version: it’s just a zip of the scripts directory with empty folders removed.

View the Official Libraries List


Coming Soon…


The official javadocs can be found at:

Release Notes

Release Date Version Notes Download
May 17, 2015 0.1.0 Preview Release
Only tested with Development SSP
Adfly Supported Download
Direct Download
May 19, 2015 0.1.1 Release Notes Adfly Supported Download
Direct Download
May 24, 2015 0.2.0 Stored Data
SMP Compatibility Testing
Adfly Supported DownloadDirect Download
TBA 0.3.0 Schematics
TBA 0.4.0 TBA
TBA 0.5.0 TBA
TBA 0.6.0 TBA
TBA 0.7.0 TBA
TBA 0.8.0 Alpha
TBA 0.9.0 Beta
TBA 1.0.0 Official Release

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